New to us?

When a new customer comes to one of our shops to have a cup of our single origin, the questions invariably follow: how can I make my coffee taste like this at home? Well, buying good beans from a reliable source (we like your taste!) is a good start. You can trust that we have procured the tastiest beans that we can find from responsible growers all around the globe. They are already exciting beans with great potential before they have even been roasted – they are washed, dried and aged by our farmers and shipped to our doorstep in enormous burlap sacs. We take meticulous care to coax the nuanced flavor profile out of each bean so that when you press your nose up again the one-way valve on your bag the only description you can summon would be "heavenly".  

Then it gets complicated...but we are here to help. We will be posting tutorials which illuminate our favorite brew methods, and those most used by our customers. We will cover issues of water, grind consistency, temperature and equipment maintenance.  No stone will go unturned, so keep an eye on us, or follow us on twitter so you don't miss a beat. 

Whether you have a home espresso machine or a Bunn automatic (hey...we really need to talk), we want to help you do a little bit better. Pourover in a Chemex or Hario setup is a delicious and easy home brew option, so we will take the mystery out of those processes in the coming months, and also cover all the standard methods you may already enjoy. Stay tuned!