Aergrind with Titanium Burrs

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This is an improved Aergrind built to be stronger and more durable than its earlier version.

The primary upgrade is the 38mm titanium burrs for grind consistency. The axle bearing length inside the grinder has been increased by 100% to give better stability and alignment. The crank arm is 20% thicker at 3mm.

In addition, the plastic knob has been replaced by a larger, walnut wood knob; a snap-on magnetic lid with a precision aluminum dial; and a custom threaded "screw on" lower tube to provide a controlled pour for the coffee grounds. 

The Aergrind still fits perfectly inside an Aeropress, with a crank arm and band that fit compactly around the body. Very portable.

The Aergrind has a dial at the top of the grinder. This makes changing the grind easy and clean and the grind adjustment has unlimited options to set your grind.

Technical info:

  • 12 month UK warranty
  • Weight - 1lb
  • Dimensions - W 1.85" H 6.575"
  • Capacity - ~25g, 0.88oz