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Technivorm Moccamaster Coffee Brewer (KBTS741) Special Sale

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The Technivorm KBTS741 is a very fine quality electric coffee brewer manufactered in the Nethlands. It is one of the only home brewers with the seal of endorsement by European Coffee Brewing Centre (what I often refer to as "the M.I.T. of coffee technology". (This is the smaller version of the more popular thermal KBT741.) The Technivorm earned the seal for its proper water temperature (approximately 202 F), proper water turbulence (9-pin water spray wand), uncompromised quality copper boiler, sturdy extruded aluminum body (minimal plastic parts), and simple but effective "sliding gate valve" (my terminology) that allows you to adjust the contact time of water with grinds: "X" means no movement (a mess on the coutertop if you are comatose during your morning brew session), "half-moon" for half-pots, half-open/half-closed, and "full-moon" for normal flow-through); the standard "Melitta" #4 configuration filter holder (which takes Filtropa #4 or gold filter), heavy duty power cord, double-wall stainless pouring carafe (NOT DISHWASHER SAFE!). The carafe comes with a lid - brewing takes place without the lid, so be sure and replace the lid once brewing is complete. There is a third-party "through-brewer" which replaces the lid - we do not like it. This is a no-frills electric brewer: no clock, no timer, no grinder, just fine brewing. The 1400 watt heating element heats the water reservoir very quickly. If you like your coffee super hot, please take note: heat masks flavor, and, following the cupping model, the taste profile of a good cup "shape shifts" as the temperature drops - typically, acidity increases as the temperature drops, and as the temperature drops, more nuance and complexity will reveal itself (otherwise obscured by high temperatures). If a cup tastes good at room temperature, it is a good cup! Sadly, for the founding years, we (artisan roasters) did the original legwork to put the Technivorm on the map, but they have opted to go "big time" with Williams-Sonoma for distribution. Once our current inventory is gone, we will stop selling the Technivorm. 110 volts - 1400 watts. Capacity: 1.0 liters (33.8 ounces). Polished Silver.

Includes a 12oz bag of coffee and a Rojo's Travel cup with your purchase

Please note that all equipment is final sale.